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Terms and Conditions

Booking Process


Please enquire via the website or via phone with the

  • date of your event

  • time

  • expected numbers

  • type of event

We will confirm availablity and price and send over a booking form. Once complete your details will be in our diary and your date will be secure.

Who can we paint?

Please keep in mind we cannot paint children under 3 years old. Child who cannot sit still or are ill, suffering from a skin condition. We cannot paint over scabs or irritated skin/eyes. Please do not ask the artist because it may cause the child to become upset. The artist may have other options like stickers or a transfer tattoo for the child to take home so they are not left out at the party.

Covid 19

Due to the ongoing pandemic we are taking extra precautions and may take extra time in between clients to wipe down our seat and thoroughly clean our brushes.

If in the event your artist is unwell and cannot attend your event we will try our best to find a replacement.


Parties and Private Events please pay via BACS 48 hours before the event or cash on the day. We are happy to help spread the cost if you wish to do so.

Payment for corporate events and via invoice. Please pay within 30 days unless previously arranged. Failure to do so will result in an 8% surcharge on the outstanding balance plus debt collection costs.


We understand things can quickly change in the current climate however we are a small business with costs to cover. Bookings canceled within 7 days of the event date 100% of fee is due. Bookings canceled within 14 days of event 50% of fee is due. 

On the Day of Your Booking

We will arrive 15-30 minutes before to set up. Please reserve us a space with light (for daytime events), away from speakers or congestion and please allow a space for a queue at busy events.


For birthday parties I recommend no more than 2-3 children in the queue at any time to ensure they enjoy the party.

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